Guitar Band Player Complete

Manage everything in real time
Control the software with your foot!

The pedalboard is an accessory essential to your comfort when you use Guitar Band Player. No need to drop your guitar! With your foot, you can be in charge in real time of all the main controls: play, pause, rewind, record, activate or deactivate the tracks… You can replace the rhythm or the solo guitar. You can also leave only one guitar on, so that you can work on the part that interests you.  Moreover, with the sound card and the professional recordings, you will enjoy a high-quality musical experience with guitar sounds that are very true to the original!

Enable/Disable the band track
Enable/Disable Guitar 1 track
Enable/Disable Guitar 2 or 3 track
Enable/Disable the singer track
Change the channel (Sound guitar 1 / Sound guitar 2)
Rewind as long as the button is pressed 
Play, pause, start over

Width : 21.26 inches / Depth : 6.5 inches  / Height :  3.15 inches  / Weight : 7.2 pounds


-       Sound card with 2 inputs

-       48V phantom power

-       Headphone output

-       Line output for powered speakers, HiFi system etc.

-       Audio input gain

-       Input Level Saturation Indicator (PEAK)

-       Audio output gain

-       Auxiliary plug (For later versions)

-       LED Indicators (Active or Inactive Tracks)

-       Track controller (4)

-       Track switch (Clear sound, Saturated sound)

-       PLAY / PAUSE | Back | Recording

Voltage Input
Max: 1 Volt
Saturation indicator (PEAK)
Impedance Input
1 M ohm
2x Combo Jack 6.35 "/ XLR | Headphone Input | Auxiliary Jack
Voltage Output
Max: 2 Volt
Power supply
USB type B
Impedance Output
1 k ohm
Also included
Instructions for use (PDF) | USB power cable
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