Guitar Band Player Software

Software for the use of guitarists
What is so special about Guitar Band Player?
Your guitar will sound like the original thanks to our built-in Plug-in “Sound Panel”. You will be blown away to recognize the sounds of Jimmy Page, Keith Richard or even David Gilmour on your own guitar without having to make any adjustment.

With our video tutorials and their 3 camera angles (right hand, left hand and overall view), you will not miss a thing from the guitarist’s playing.

The sheet music drive and the videos can be slowed down in sync (up to 50%), allowing you to work at your own pace.  

In one simple click on our pedalboard, take the place of the guitarist and join your favourite band.

Guitar Band Player will become your reference tool to learn quickly. Our software and our pedalboard are suitable for all levels, from beginner to experienced.

The main features of the software


Follow the rhythm by setting either a continuous ticking or a countdown to the start of the song. 

Time stretching* 

Modify the speed of the music, the video or the sheet music up to 50% - the whole staying synchronized.

*(Ajustement de la vitesse de lecture +/- 50%)


Define a loop to repeat a sequence, place it and decide on its size.


Take the place of the guitarist or the singer and record yourself with the rest of the band.
Sheet music player

Our player is synchronized with the audio and the video, regardless of the speed you choose to work with. You can zoom in and out, create loops of repetitions to practice and import your own sheet music in the format *.xml (MusicXML) and *.mscx (MuseScore).

Video tutorial

Our high definition videos are synchronized with the audio and the sheet music. They offer three camera angles (left hand, right hand and overall view) to perfect the dexterity of your fingering. The videos are shot in 50 frames per second so that they can be slowed down up to 50% without any distortion.

The advanced features of the software


With a tuning and a metronome. You can jump directly to a chosen boar, slow down up to 50%, modify the pitch of the music, play with the mixing deck and the effects of our Sound Panel and insert your own plug-ins. With our pedalboard, you can operate in real time the main controls with your foot, without having to let go of your guitar.

Sound Panel

Play with the effects that this plug-in offers: delay, gain, distortion, reverb… Analyze the sound of the guitarist of your choice with the function “Analyze model” to get the same sound as ACDC, Queen, Aerosmith… Our songs are preconfigured with a sound closely similar to the original band’s.

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