The best all-in-one learning platform on the market

Composed of a software and a pedalboard, Guitar Band Player will allow you to play, learn and have fun without ever having to let go of your guitar.

This device is very easy to set up (less than 10 minutes) and is suitable for all levels. The beginners will especially enjoy the possibility of slowing down and creating loops to learn at your own pace. The multiple camera angles on the video ensure that you do not miss anything from our pedagogical tutorials.

Take the place of their favorite musician: replace the solo, rhythm guitarist and even the singer!

Simple to use, Guitar Band Player will allow you to work on songs with the help of a video tutorial (3 camera angles) in sync with the sound. Thanks to our sound panel, your guitar will sound exactly like the original!

With the pedalboard, you can manage the main functions directly with your foot.

Pick tunes to work on from our library of pop, rock, blues, jazz, folk, disco songs….

Guitar Band Player Complete

A unique software to become virtually part of a band

Conceived and developed by our team of guitarists, this software will make your guitar learning curve much easier thanks to its tabs/parts player and its high-definition video tutorials. With this multi-function device, you can now learn in the best conditions and improve your musical skills!

Tabs/Parts player

HD video tutorial


Sound Panel

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