Try Guitar Band Player with 2 full songs for 15 days!

Why should you choose Guitar Band Player?
Learn and get better at the guitar
All-in-one or standalone solution: GBP Complete & GBP Software
Suitable for everyone: from the beginner to the experienced guitar player
Quick and easy set-up in less than 10 minutes
Simple and intuitive to use, without having to let go of your guitar
Synchronized audio, sheet music and video tutorial
Control of the speed and pitch
Hotline available from Monday to Friday

Are you tired of jamming on your own? Do you need to improve your guitar playing? How about having a blast while playing with the greatest bands of all time: The Beatles, Eric Clapton, U2, Téléphone, Led Zeppelin and so many more?

Guitar Band Player is the perfect solution for you! This unique product is suitable as much for beginners as for experienced guitar players. It provides you with a simple way of learning guitar and virtually playing with your favorite bands.

This all-in-one product will allow you to play with either an acoustic or an electric guitar. The Guitar Band Player package is composed of a pedalboard, a multitracking software and a function enabling you to use preconfigured sounds, extremely faithful to the original guitar parts. Additionally, the program offers endless options to customize your own sound.

 In 10 minutes or less, you can plug your guitar, connect the pedalboard and set up the software. You can download the songs of your choice, selected in Amentz’s music library.

Take the place of the rhythm guitarist, the solo guitarist and/or the singer!

Like a conductor, you can easily control the music in real time with the pedalboard – without ever having to let go of your guitar! The sheet music and tab scroll sideways on the screen, in sync with the music and the video tutorial (3 camera angles), with the possibility of decreasing and increasing the speed of the whole without lowering the quality of the sound.

Join the many guitar lovers who have already picked Guitar Band Player for an unprecedented way of experiencing music.

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You want to learn or to perfect your skills?
You own the pedalboard, or you only want the software?